Bali Stoner Rock Band Jangar Release Debut Album

Jangar officially released their debut album, “Jelang Malam” on Tuesday, October 1, 2019. Released by by Berita Angkasa, a Jakarta based record label who known for their rosters such as Kelompok Penerbang Roket, Kurosuke, Rafi Muhammad, and Sapphira singgih, the 10 tracks of heavy/rough rock are themed with social politic, life, death, and even afterlife.

According to the press release, Gusten (vocal), Pasek (drum), Dewa Adi (guitar), dan Raibio (bass) explain “Jelang Malam”is about a story of when the sun begins to close the day and the darkness of the night begins to loom over; when black meets white. As the night comes, people comes and goes, the mortal and afterlife become intertwines, nothing is right or wrong,
everything becomes grey.

“We don’t want to be in the daytime, chaotic with the mundane busyness of humans, or in nighttime in the world of immortals. We want some of them. Live with those we love, and still remember those who have left” said Pasek.

Formed in Bali, this album also received other support from music scene figures from two other cities: Palembang and Bandung. Rian Pelor, vocalist of Detention and ex-vocalist of Auman, from Palembang collaborated on the song “Negeri Nego” and Doddy Hamson, vocalist of Komunal, from Bandung collaborated on the song “Haerath I”. Morgg, who also represents Bandung,
interpreted the album through his album cover illustration.

“We are glad to be working with Berita Angkasa, Morgg, Rian Pelor, and Doddy Hamson. They somehow completed the album and we are ready for it to be heard nationwide, heck, even worldwide!” said Gusten.

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