Killer video of Singapore hardcore scene ripping it up back in 1992 – Stompin’ Ground represent

Stompin Ground 1995

It’s always cool to watch video documentation of any heavy music community in Asia from back in the day. Singapore we all know has had one of the longest running hardcore/punk scenes which is one of the main reasons that the current crop of Singapore hardcore bands continue to release music of the highest quality. The foundation was set properly and thus the bands that are poppin’ off now, are KILLING IT. Check out anything from current acts like Hollow Threat to CLAW to Radigals to Exhibitors to BC to so many others – all bringing something different to “hardcore” from Singapore.

Singapore hardcore show flyers and ticket stub from 1992 hand drawn by guitarist of Stompin’ Ground Suhaimi

Check out a great video making the rounds right now of Singapore hardcore vets Stompin’ Ground ripping it up back in 1992. As the band has been around for over 30 years, you best believe that the fruit of these human beings are old enough to be ripping it up in their OWN bands! Check out Ayong’s (drummer of Stompin Ground) son’s own band Darah further below – the band is HARD.

Stompin’ Ground today

When we asked Syed, bassist of Stompin’ Ground, to reflect on this particular show, he had this to say:

“It was a great gig and most of the underground gigs during that era were always mixed with different genres of music and there’s no problem at all because we will support each other right down to lending or sharing equipment with each other because we couldn’t afford to buy our own. So the sense of unity was very strong, we even hung out together: Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Indie and Skinheads as well. All DIY bro less merchandise, more actual music releases. We even brought our own vinyl or mixtapes to gigs to exchange with others.

That gig in particular was wild but no one was injured. In fact none of the gigs that I attended back then had any injuries. Nowadays you get kids start doing all these kung fu macho bullshit in the pit as if they’re looking for a fight. You didn’t see those in any old school hardcore shows. Just like Roger Miret would say…”I wanna see circles of pit!”

We struggled but it was all worth it because the friendships we made and established continue til today, and this to me was worth all the struggles we went through. There was nothing fancy about the scene. It was all real and sincere!”

Singapore hardcore inspiring Asian hardcore for over 3 decades…

Here’s a new one that was just sent to us that includes a longer video from the same set/show:

Darah are insane as you can see on this debut 3 song EP:



Hollow Threat

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