Indonesian label Samstrong Records announce release of Terror’s new record


Official Press Release:

“Samstrong Records release new album Los Angeles Hardcore Veterans Terror “The 25th Hour” & reissue “Live By Code” on limited cd to se-ASIA Market sharing their ambitions live on stage over 300 times a year since their start in 2003,Nonstop relentless worldwide touring!

Says TERROR vocalist Scott Vogel: “We’re very glad to finally get a new song of ‘The 25th Hour’ out. This is the hardest hitting song that we’ve had in a while. The lyrics are about children that had grown up in households that are negative, violent, and destructive to their innocence. As the cycle continues, they soon will too become bitter and aggressive in their lives.”

Grab new album terror “The 25th Hour” upon its release – Sept 2015 and “Live By The Code” – The spirit, the essence, the movement …once again brought to life dan create an album that is pissed off! produced by Chad Gilbert and engineered by drummer Nick Jett, the result is eleven explosive tracks, in your face with no apologies or hint of remorse.The lyrics, paired with the album’s extensive layout laid out to music fans worldwide what it meant to truly live your life by “the codes” of hardcore. Supporting the genre community, sticking to your roots, and delivering the truth – these and much more illustrated what it really means to be in the hardcore family.

“The 25th Hour” out August 7th 2015 in U.S on Victory Records & Reaper Records, Europe out on century media , Japan edition out on Alliance Trax

Terror “”The 25th Hour”” CD

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