Phenomenal New Track by Still Broken (FFO: Higher Power/Turnstile) [Indonesia]

Yoooooo…Indonesian hardcore on top again. If you’re a fan of more forward-thinking hardcore that incorporates a bunch of awesome styles to create something fan-fucking-tastic go peep this new jam by Still Broken signed to the equally amazing Samstrong Records. (Also, mad respect to record labels who actually send us their information! Means so much that you consider us a site that brings value and eyes to your releases! Sadly, there isn’t a lot that send us their stuff.) This is especially if you’re a fan of bands like Higher Power, Turnstile, Snapcase, and even bands that have been incorporating some grunge into their jams lately…

From Samstrong:

“Still Broken is a hardcore band from Malang, formed in 2009. The band is influenced by bands such as Snapcase, Mizery, & Turnstile, bringing some hardcore blended with funky-groovy riffs and even sounding like Red Hot Chili Peppers at times. The lyric writing mostly represents their music, some personal struggles, or some social critique. Still Broken created their own way of writing songs, no limits just doing it in the way they want it to be.

The latest song they release called “Double Standard” is based on personal experience. Mostly telling about the most common problem in society. Such things as hypocrites who attack someone for acting a certain way while they’re doing the exact same thing. On the production, they’re trying a new way with the guitar sound by adding chorus and overdrive blended together, which sound more groovy and funky. The vocal lines are faster than before, with more complex lyrics.”

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