Indian Metal Band Dead Exaltation/Killkount Mourn The Passing of Member

Member of both Indian metal bands Killkount and Dead Exaltation, Mradul Singhal, passed away due to hit and run accident.

Dead Exaltation released this statement:

“Sometimes, even when things seem like everything in order, life gives & takes away things inexplicably and leaves us with an emptiness we cannot define.

It’s with a heavy heart we tell you that our brother, the foundation of the band & guitarist Mradul Singhal has passed away in a tragic road accident last night.

Mradul has been the backbone of the band since the beginning and has been instrumental in constructing our sound with his immense talent & abilities.
He was full of patience & always kept the band together with his warmth & kindness.

It’s very hard to digest the fact that he will be no more with us. Our deepest condolences to all his family and all his loved ones.

We were in the process of recording & releasing a full length, which in hindsight will be a fitting tribute to him and the legacy his music will leave behind. The band will work towards honouring his contributions at a later time. But for now, we request everyone to let us & his loved ones grieve this loss.

Rest in peace brother. You will be always in our hearts.”

Killkount shared the following:

“With the heaviest of hearts, we want to inform you all, that our own, Mradul Singhal was lost to the world in a road accident last night.

Grab your loved ones folks. This is going to be heavy.

Today you will hear people talk about how nice Mradul was, and it will seem like a basic nice thing to say about a deceased loved one. But if you knew him, you know for certain he was very genuinely the gem of a person everyone says he is. Not enough can be said about how he was the last person that this should’ve happened to.

Our paths crossed a few years ago at a show in Raipur where Adamantium and KillKount were on the bill. All you needed was 5 minutes with the guy to know how likeable he was. We bonded over bongs before we even spoke about anything even closely related to music. We became really good friends with him way before he even joined the band. In fact it was him who suggested he could join the band (even though bass is not his primary instrument) just because he wanted his friend’s band to not suffer. It was his always sorted, calming presence that gave us the sense of stability that we always needed in the band.

There is not enough gratitude in the world that we can express to his contribution in making this band whatever it is today. We couldn’t have been here without him. The reason we could do what we do recently, was because of Mradul’s no bullshit attitude and his work ethic towards making, producing and performing music. And that is what we’ll carry forward.

In the KillKount camp, we are brothers first before just bandmates. All of us are a tight-knit group of really close friends that happen to perform and make music together. None of us know how to deal with this right now.

All we know is, that death is unfair, it is uncertain, and it is always looming in the background. Don’t take the people in your life for granted. Because any moment you spend with them could be the last.

“Gone too soon” doesn’t even begin to justify how unfair this situation is.

From Laksh , Divyanshu, Vishal and Aditya, we love you brother. And we made sure you knew that while you were still here. You will never be forgotten. You will live on through the great memories, and the kickass music we’ve made together.

While we say our sincerest FUCK YOU to Death, we also say,
You can not fucking stop us.”

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