Indonesian Label Hantu Records Release Statement Against Sexual Violence

Indonesian label Hantu Records recently released a statement regarding the removal of music that featured a musician who has been accused of sexual violence.

Read the full statement below:

“Recently, it has been brought to our attention that Bijan Faisal aka Sampar–a musician who has collaborated with Orestes on their latest EP–was accused of having committed acts of sexual violence.

Since we were once affiliated with the perpetrator, hereby Orestes states that we:
1. Do not tolerate any acts of sexual violence,
2. Demand the perpetrator to be accountable for his actions, and
3. Refuse to give the slightest space for his artistic pursuits.

Therefore, we have decided to take down “To The Deaf Serenity” from all of our distribution channels. Our distributors reported that this process will take around 2-5 working days. We are no longer affiliated with Sampar in any way. In addition, Orestes will also donate all income from this EP to help those who are involved in the process of resolving this case.”

Huge respect to both Hantu Records and Orestes for immediately acting on this issue, siding with the victim(s), and releasing a statement condemning any sort of sexual abuse/violence.

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