“I’m F%&ing Straight Edge” – LIONCITY Hardcore Comp Out Now and It Rips [Singapore]


The current state of the Singapore hardcore scene has been completely encapsulated in this brand new comp aptly titled ‘Lioncity Hardcore’ released by DIVIDED WE FALL. This collection of bangers jumps right into 90’s metallic hardcore worship with the dudes in the excellent band FLAMES OF CONVICTION (pictured above) screaming about something we love dearly – STRAIGHT EDGE. And then from there it moves on to a full on amalgamation of all the different flavors of hardcore there is on this planet. The very next track by xDETESTERx , for example, is for those Arkangel/Whispers/Kickback fans out there. RECOVER brings that amazing 90’s Strife vibe back to the fold, KILL ON SIGHT/DISSECT/ERROR bring the modern heavy AF hardcore sound right to your face (beatdown, MASSIVE breakdowns) just to let you know that Singapore for sure is up with the times (like they’ve always been). DECEASED bring the Power Trip thrash on this brand new single, ABBATOIR BLUES delivers early 00’s melodic hardcore (also proudly pro animal rights). On a selfish note, one of our favorites PLAGUE BEARER is also on this…godddamn this band is so good…full on Slayer/death thrash glory. This band needs a full album out already…

Basically, this one comp has everything you would want to know about the current state of Singaporean hardcore, especially just how rich the scene is and how well versed this community is in the world of hardcore.

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