Hot Off of Unleashing Their Debut EP – Hardcore Band 9XACLY Release MV [Vietnam]

Hot off the release of their brilliant debut EP, Vietnamese hardcore punk band 9XACLY are back with a dope music video for the track ‘Siết’. This is one of the tracks on the EP the fully captures our attention because of all the different elements and start/stops throughout the song. Basically, the whole band is SUPER unpredictable and this is a killer song to make a video for.

The band stated, “Siết is a Vietnamese word that means seize, clutch, or squeeze. So basically “Siết Lấy Nó” stands for “Seize It!”

The whole song is about taking every chance to SEIZE THE ENERGY, AND SEIZE IT HARD!

Everyone can feel that energy running through our bodies at live shows, the noise, the energy, and the adrenaline is an extreme reaction when the music hits. This is when we jump into mosh pits and get crazy. Instead of trying to stop this, we’re saying we need to seize the energy and spread it.”


In regards to their first-ever music video, “We’ve all been DIY since we started this band so this video would also not be completed without the support of our friends. Gears and drums and equipment were supported by Out The Run (Sergey and Bomb). We borrowed some cameras and invited some friends who are also in bands in our city to join us as cameos and help. And while shooting our MV, we actually had a spontaneous jam with every member of every hardcore band in Saigon, old and young. There was a moshpit and circle pit just like a mini gig, everything is recorded, whole lotta fun there we had. And Sergey’s amp got broken later also, so much craziness for just a performance video! Hardy our guitarist edited all the footage, making our MV. So our band’s stuff was purely made from joy and friendship. “Thank you all friends!”

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