DIVIDED WE FALL ZINE Submit Epic Singapore Hardcore Scene Report [Singapore]

Lion City Hardcore Scene Report
Divided We Fall Zine

Yo…it’s been a minute since we’ve put up any sort of hardcore scene report. Today the crew behind Singapore’s Divided We Fall Zine have submitted a MASSIVE update on the Singapore scene. And we’re super frickin’ grateful that they sent this our way.

Go read up on what’s been going on.

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Photo Credit: Bryner Tan

Yo! Half a year has gone by and so much has happened; shows almost every weekend, big tours coming through the region, lots of new releases, and also new bands coming up!

We’re taking a look back at the past 6 months in LCHC; the good, the bad, the ugly, basically the whole shebang.


Started the year hot with No Pressure & Regulate at Room 0416 over the Chinese New Year holiday in January. Although there were hiccups before the tour even started, they pulled through despite all the adversities. Great turnout and response for both bands, especially Regulate, returning after being the last band to tour through the region before everything went to shit.

In February, we saw melodic hardcore starlets, One Step Closer, once again at Room 0416. The response was great, despite the declining interest in the melodic style in the region. Maybe we get a resurgence in this styling?

The first weekend of March started with Speed on a Friday night and Peach & Unseen on a Saturday night. Right????? We still can’t believe that weekend happened! Both shows popped off as they should, so proud to see our community show up and show love to the bands from the region!

And just 2 weeks after that, Melodic Hardcore legends; Comeback Kid graced our shores at Room 0416. The last ever hardcore show to happen at that venue, much love and respect to them for always welcoming us to their space. The CBK show was crazy, however, it did seem like there were more of the older, less regular/active faces in the crowd. (Maybe we were wrong about the Melodic hardcore resurgence?)

April was pretty quiet for shows, mostly because of the holy month of Ramadan, but also because of the closure of Room 0416.

However, we did get some new hard-hitting music with the split between DWF alumni, The Shredder, and Lion City’s very own Angulimala.

May was another hot one with 2 double headline tours coming through!

First was Candy and Ekulu on a Wednesday night, they turned the room upside down, especially when Candy pulled out a Hatebreed cover mid-set.

2 weeks later we had another double headliner, this time with Magnitude and Envision! A perfect hardcore show, literally one of our favorite shows so far. A great mix of old and new faces at the show, which started and ended on time, and just a great Sunday night overall. Hardcore is alive and well!

We had some new releases as well; 2DK released their promo titled “to decay”, Wreckonize dropped the title track of their EP “Tried & True” and also an insane 2 track demo by Mystique, consisting of 3/4 members of Wreckonize.

We also saw our LCHC bands; Angulimala, Kill On Sight, Losing End & Wreckonize representing in Kuala Lumpur at the Hard2Kill show, hosted by Get Money Records.

Very quiet here in June, the first weekend started with END on a Sunday night. Haven’t really heard of them but the show was fun with hardcore support on the bill (Error, Wreckonize, Kill On Sight, Dissect). Destiny and Overthrown played a mixed bill mid-month, as usual, their sets went off. Overthrown played a new song and Destiny continued their onslaught fresh off their SEA weekender with Magnitude and Envision.

A week later we had 2 shows in the week, with Kruelty stopping by on a Thursday night as part of their SEA tour. They were amazing as usual, we rarely get to see them in a fully lit room but it was still cool.

On Saturday, we saw 2 debuts in one night at the New Blood show with an all-local lineup. Flames Of Conviction and Mystique absolutely killed it with their debut performances, xdetesterx opened their set with a Kickback intro, 2DK brought out all the beatdown classic covers, and Wreckonize set off a riot to end the night. The show also coincided with the release of their EP “Tried & True”, out now on all streaming platforms. All sets from the New Blood show are now up on the DWF YouTube channel.

Aaaaaand that’s the first half of the year!

We’re hoping the next half is just as good if not better!



2DK – New School Beatdown.

Dropped their promo “to decay” after their set at the Candy & Ekulu show. Looking forward to seeing what they have in store in the future.

Angulimala – Heavy hardcore from Geylang.

Dropped a split with The Shredder (TH) in April. Headlined Going Ham in Vietnam with Kill On Sight and went on a Malaysian weekender with Kill On Sight and Limbo (ID) in May. Recently opened for Kruelty on the Singapore stop of their SEA tour.

Constitution – Hardcore in the vein of Earth Crisis, Strife, and Magnitude.

Released a demo in 2022, playing on and off due to busy schedules. Would love to see more of them in the future.

Crash Course – Late 00s hardcore.

Just released a promo as we’re writing this. Recently opened for the One Step Closer show in Singapore, playing their release show in September.


Hardcore inspired by the sounds of Abhinanda, Doughnuts, and Purusam. Blazed through SEA supporting Magnitude and Envision. There are 2 new songs on rotation in their setlist, so we should be expecting new material soon.

Dissect – Technical chaotic metallic hardcore.

Haven’t seen much of them this year, other than the End show in June. Popped off with the Disembodied cover. Last heard working on new material. Get stoked.

Error – Metallic panic chord hardcore.

Only saw them once this year at END. Members also play in 2DK and feelslikeyou. Last heard are in the studio so expect new music soon.

Flames Of Conviction – Straight Edge hardcore.

Amazing debut at the New Blood show. The first band for most of the members. Should be heading to the studio soon. Get stoked.

Kill On Sight – No BS Beatdown

Headlined Going Ham in Vietnam in April and went on a Malaysian weekender with Angulimala and Limbo (ID) in May. Most recently on the bill for the Kruelty show in Singapore. LP coming this year – according to Instagram.

Losing End – Metallic Big Boy Hardcore

Members busy with other bands and running Blacklisted/DWF, only played one show locally at the Speed show in March and Hard2Kill in Kuala Lumpur in May. Last seen in the studios recording their other bands. Sitting on a lot of unreleased material. New music soon?

Mystique – Shadow Wizard Money Gang Hardcore

Killed it with their debut set at New Blood in June. Opening for Fiddlehead in August. Part of the many offshoots of Losing End. Check out their interactive website 😉 Last seen in the studios. New music soon.

Overthrown – Anthemic Hardcore

Won’t ever back down. Starting a petition to make their anthem a National Day song. Recently played a new song at the mixed bill show. We should be expecting new music soon.


Plague Bearer – Jackson Guitars Crossover

Added a new guitarist – they’re a 6 piece now. Last seen in the studio, new music is imminent.

Radigals – Hardcore

Recently active again, playing and booking shows. Last seen at the legendary TNT Studios. New music is incoming!

Recover – Real Melodic Hardcore No Whiny Shit

One of the last remaining active hardcore bands from their era. Part of the lineup for the perfect hardcore show ever; Magnitude & Envision live in Singapore. Last seen in the studios so expect new music soon!

Renegade – Hardcore With Bert and Ernie

Released EP in 2022 and went on a couple of weekenders last year. Opened for No Pressure & Regulate and Comeback Kid this year and going on a weekender in August with Dazzle (ID). Last seen in the studios so expect new music soon.

Spirits – Non-Spiritual Hardcore (despite the name)

Recently opened for Gag. Members also play in Destiny, Plague Bearer, and Crash Course. Something’s coming (since 2018) – according to instagram.

Wreckonize – 100% Hardcore

Recently released their EP “Tried & True”. Part of the many offshoots of Losing End. Supporting act for No Pressure & Regulate, Speed and End. Most recently part of the and HC4HC: New Blood lineup and also the Hard2Kill show in Kuala Lumpur.

Last heard working on new material.

xdetesterx – Lion City Edge Metal

Debut popped off at the perfect hardcore show ever; Magnitude & Envision Live in Singapore. Kicked off their set with THE Kickback intro and ended with THE Sentence cover at New Blood. New music incoming (but not so soon).

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