Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons release long awaited debut full length

Hong Kong metalcore band Parallel Horizons have finally released their long awaited debut full length entitled Dissonant Echoes. This is a 11 track monstrous collection of progressive metal infused with syncopated rhythms and machine gun like guitar riffs that not only bring the mosh but also an immense amount of atmospherics. The band even dabbles in some electronic elements to further accentuate their openness for different soundscapes to be incorporated. Vocalist’s expertise in seamlessly moving from guttural roars to high pitch screams is frickin’ insane.

Besides all that – the band is a non-stop workhorse within Hong Kong frequenting stages all over the place. The band has had issues with lineup, and continue to, yet keep powering through with full commitment to their craft (and friendship).

The band is fucking insane. Enjoy their debut full length and spread the word!


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