Heavy Hardcore Band BLINDSIDE Drop 2 Song Promo [Japan]

“In these songs, we’re trying to address the dark side of society here in Japan,” states TKC, vocalist of heavy HEAVY Japanese hardcore band BLINDSIDE. The band has dropped a 2 song promo with killer artwork and TKC gave us the lowdown behind the songs.

“Hive Mind is about our anger and rebellion against peer pressure in society here. It’s very tough to express ourselves honestly here in Japan. The majority will always force those in the minority to follow their way.

Chain of Hatred is about anger toward child abuse. These days we have seen a lot of reports about child abuse at nursery schools or daycare centers.

In both of these songs, the essence of these tracks are the same. That as a society we, the minority, continue to suffer and thus fuels our rage.”

Go jam the new tracks below!

Blindside Socials: https://twitter.com/blindsidejpn

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