Hardcore Punk Band PEACH Drop Summer Promo – Including Floorpunch Cover [Indonesia]

Ever since Indonesian hardcore punk band PEACH burst onto the scene (and into our hearts!) they’ve been pretty much unstoppable and the quality of their releases fully matches all the deep support the band gets. They just released a brand new 2023 summer promo and sent us this dope write-up:

“After releasing NISHA in early 2023, we headed out on our first tour hitting up the following 4 cities Batam, Johor Bahru, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. It was during this tour and all the meaningful experiences and friends we made that we decided to write this new material.

The first track on the mixtape opens with vocals. When writing this song, the first idea was to do an instrumental intro to the song but we decided to start with vocals and then even add some of our favorite parts from Warzone. The making of the song signifies how much fun the songwriting process was after the first tour and several other gigs, where Maddie (guitar) and Lesli (drum) stepped up their game.

Brand New Day
In the song Brand New Day, Peach sampled Aaron Bedard’s (Bane) voice. This idea was initiated by Aca (vocal) when writing the lyrics, which intended to add to the impression of the message conveyed by an influential figure.

Defeat is a song that came up randomly during the songwriting and brainstorming process. This is a song that we believe matches our vibe.

Peach used the rest of the recording time to record a live one-take version of Floorpunch’s No Exception.

In the middle of 2023, Peach decided to release SUMMER PROMO MIXTAPE which contains four songs, of which three songs will be Peach’s future full album material and one cover song from the band Floorpunch.

This promo material is an outcome of hanging out and listening to playlists that become Peach’s mood board. When writing songs, Peach was heavily influenced by youth crew bands from the 90s to 00s such as Eyeball, Insted, Mental, and Floorpunch, but what happened was that Peach felt like playing the vibe of field hardcore bands like Bounce Back, Martyr, and Somebody Fool.”

Thank you for sending this in!


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