Hardcore Melodic Thrash Band MAGNUM45 Are Back With New Tracks [Malaysia]

Hailing from Sandakan, Sabah. A pioneer North Borneo hardcore band called Magnum45 rise again after being silent for almost 23 years.

“Since its inception, Magnum45 has left an indelible mark on the underground music scene, especially in Sabah’s independent music community. Heavily influenced by Kataklysm, Dimension Zero, Hypocrisy, Kreator, Dissection, Exodus, and lots of metal bands they decide to stick with the metal sound element which is the biggest style of music that builds from the day they formed.

Not many bands nowadays stick to their main genre or style of music after being silent for almost a couple of years. But with two original members, Andiz of ex Tonic Toxic syndicate and Sammy of Mayhemic Destruction they have still developed the exact style of Magnum on their new promo tracks.”


Photo Credit: Noah Rifaie

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