Hardcore Band RADIGALS Return With Brand New EP (HEAVIEST Release Yet!) [Singapore]

What a morning on Unite Asia…we just dropped new music from hardcore acts in India and Thailand and are about to get y’all to blast this brand new FIRE EP by long-running Singapore hardcore band RADIGALS. We’ve been championing this band from the getgo – with a quick search on the site we pulled up the first time we wrote about them back in 2015 with the post below (full article HERE).

In this time the band has put out so much phenomenal music and have toured a lot. Of course, as with any hardcore bands, there have been some lineup changes – but the fire, the spirit, the passion, and most importantly, the FRIENDSHIP, is still there. That friendship being at the heart of it all is the chemistry you especially hear on display on this brand new set of songs.

Aptly entitled ‘unbroken’ RADIGALS are back with 7 tracks of absolute heat including one entitled 西瓜 dedicated to the ongoing tragedy taking place in Gaza. The songs also feature such gems as Ki of THE GEEKS and Aca of Indonesian hardcore band PEACH (this band fucking RULES) on 2 tracks.

Huge thank you to the band for sending this amazing track by track breakdown:

Be The Change
A song about Change, and how we can essentially be the change we wish to see in the world. Change begins from within, so if you want to make a change/be better (whether it’s in your own life, others or the world), it has to start with you. So what are you doing to make a change?

Watermelon in Chinese; a symbol of resistance. Written to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Palestine. A voice to call for a ceasefire, speak out about what is happening, and showing our stance against the ongoing genocide. We wanted to use the Chinese word for Watermelon to show that it is not just a particular race or religion that should stand on the right side of history, but anyone and everyone. In addition to that, we used lines from an old Chinese song called 不了情 (bù liǎo qíng/love without end) to highlight how we will never ever forget about the wrong doings, and what is happening.

Written to express our feelings, mainly feelings of grief. Despite having such immense feelings that can overcome us, we still have to move forward, and we can move forward. We wrote it to remind others (and ourselves) about self love, self worth and that no matter how alone you may feel, there are still people around you who love and care about you, and will always be there for you.

A song about strength and encouragement especially for those in the marginalized communities to not be afraid to speak up, voice out or express yourself no matter what others may say.

Dedicated to the unconditional love, strength, and sacrifices of Mothers; Mothers, single parent, motherly figure, women in your life, grandparents or any individual that you feel incapsulates love.

Short for ‘Girls Wanna Have Fun’ is an anthem to motivate more women to not be afraid. Step up and step out of their comfort zone, just do whatever the hell they want and ignore whatever societal conventions dictates.


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