Singaporean all-girl hardcore band Radigals – HEAVY!


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…this is a breath of some of the freshest air ever – an all girl hardcore band from Singapore called Radigals that brings it HARD in the Lion City…they even throw in a Down to Nothing cover in the LIVE set below.

After you stop moshing while watching this video check out their demo that they have up on their reverbnation page. Vocals are SICK!

Here’s more info on the band:

At some point in our existence (punk/hardcore) there will be a day that it doesn’t matter what gender you are when you get on stage. But unfortunately, it continues to be that our scene is completely overtaken by dudes…so yes, when a girl gets on stage I get STOKED AS FUCK to see our fellow human beings kill it on stage. I hope bands like Radigals can continue to inspire many more to get on those stages, get in those vans and show Asia that the stage at a punk/hardcore show belongs to everyone.

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