Hanoi-based Melodic Death Metal Band, Rêvasseur, Release New Track [Vietnam]

Hanoi-based Melodic Death Metal band, Rêvasseur, have collaborated with Vixenta, a Brisbane-based atmospheric Black Metal band, on their new track, SALUTATIONS. As both of the bands are on the Hanoi-based label, House Of Ygra, they have been wanting to put something together for quite some time. B., the guitarist of Vixenta, reached out to Liam W., the vocalist of Rêvasseur, after hearing his work on their debut EP. The bands wanted to put this out earlier but, due to COVID complicating their plans, they have only been able to release it now. The instrumentals are emotional and soaring to accompany the gut-wrenching lyrics which are inspired by the loss of Liam W.’s mother a few years ago.

He states, “This is me at my most personal and most vulnerable. I poured my fucken heart out on this track but regained a piece of myself in the process. I will be forever thankful that the boys in Vixenta have given me the chance to finally put these words to music to leave an everlasting remnant of my mother in this world.”


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