Grindcore/Crust Band Abanglupa SLAY It On New Single Off Upcoming Album!!! [Philippines]

Fiercly anti-facist grindcore band Abanglupa are about to annihilate your senses on this first track off their upcoming album! Holy FUCK! With such a fiery track we had to find out more about the band’s inspiration:

“It’s almost 6 years now that the Philippines is under the tyrannical wing of Rodrigo Duterte, the pandemic has brought out and even highlighted a lot of his incompetencies. From incompetent cabinet members to corrupt government appointees, his selective justice was made normal. And now that the election is coming, they set up a long shot with former president Gloria Arroyo, another plunderer – the forthcoming return of the Dictator’s family to the palace. They have set up a partnership with the son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Bongbong Marcos running for president, together with Rodrigo’s daughter, Sarah Duterte for Vice President. Historical revisionism is plaguing the Philippines, and this album talks about a lot of it, for example, the track “Forced Dementia” discusses how the Marcoses and its cronies forced the people to forget the atrocities of Martial Law and groom it as a golden era of the Philippines which of course, is the opposite. “Blood Owed”, on the other hand, talks about the Bloody Drug War of Duterte and the blood he and his police and military owed.

Basically, the entire album is about why the Dutertes should end and the Marcoses be blocked in getting the back to power. Overall, it is reportage and protest of the current state of socio-political climate here in the Philippines.”

This is what hardcore should be about.

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The record is being released by the following:
Lower Class Kids Records (Weimar, Germany)

Nuclear Family Records (South Wales, UK)

Ugly and Proud Records (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Audacious Madness Records (Pittsburg, PA, USA)

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