Stoner Rock/Metal Act Meatgasm Unveil First Taste of Debut Album ‘Dirty Meats’ [Hong Kong]

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of watching a Hong Kong rock act Meatgasm rip it up at a venue called Rula here. The band, mixing a whole barrage of influences from stoner rock to heavy metal to progressive rock to hardcore to punk, fully slayed it live. Though all the members are INSANE on their instruments, by far the stand out for us was watching their bassist, Jaime, absolutely KILL it on the bass and vocals! We literally had to pick our jaw up off the floor. Repeatedly.

Fast forward to today we get to help premiere his band’s debut full-length ‘Dirty Meats’.

Since watching them live, we’ve been eagerly awaiting to see how the bass guitar was going to cut through on actual recorded material. As soon as you hit play and you hear that Steve Harris-esque bass guitar come rumbling through your speakers loud and clear, all nerves are settled. Not only is Jaime the bassist/vocalist and main founding member of the band, but he also produced, mixed, and mastered this sick collection of music! The music was also recorded live at Sunset Studios under the amazing hands of Paul Maclean. The tracks on this showcase riff after riff of awesomeness, and out-fucking-standing vocals – that range is CRRRRAAAAAAZZZZZYYYY. We can’t WAIT until the rest of the album goes up as well.

Jaime was kind enough to answer a few questions – read below and then go blast these jams! Share them with the world!

Congrats on the debut record! Tell us how the band formed here in Hong Kong and what the main influences are for the band.
Thanks man! Nice to have a fresh new band project after moving here from Beijing about 3 years ago. I originally wanted to do a stoner rock band and upon getting together 5 people together, it all went sideways in not that direction. Since all of the original people I had in mind dropped out for one reason or another, it became something more eclectic (punk, metal mix eventually) and even heavier. I originally started in this thing as just the guitar player/ writer but switched to bass and took over the vocals as well. Nick and Daryl who are in the lineup, which I love, have been in it with me for about a year. That will not change.

It’s been pretty intense here in Hong Kong these past couple of years, but it certainly provides for a lot of lyrical fodder. What are your songs about on this full length?
All songs are about meat in one way or another. Lyrics are colorful and meant to be fun! No politics or anything like that, just about meat whether it be celebrating all the varieties from all over the world to even a manipulated story about the battle of Tiamat and Morduk which created the world as we know it…in the perspective of meat of course hehehe.

In terms of artwork and band name, it does seem you guys are trying to make the best out of the situation the world is in – through humor etc. How did the band name and the overall theme of the band come about?
Well, I came up with the artwork and made it badge-simple. Posters will usually be fun somehow, may even a bit rude-funny. The name comes from every time I’m eating a beautiful and rare marbled ribeye or dipping lobster in butter or even eating lamb chuan’er in the back alleys (hutongs) of Beijing, I often am muttering, holy sh*t this is good, “I’m having a MeatgasM!”. I thought the name was catchy.

The humor is a must. What else do we have these days? Complaining doesn’t seem to work. And as soon as we got rid of the singer I thought that would work which luckily didn’t, I re-wrote any of the couple songs that person wrote lyrically to be about meat. It’s been that ever since. Unapologetic humor is my favorite and there is endless subject material to write about that way. I’m having fun with it for sure.

Thanks for your time Jaime! Now go blast these jams! The full album will be dropping soon – so stay tuned! is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!