Goregrind Band Cystgurgle Release Split 7″ With Longest Song Titles On the Planet [Thailand]

Yo…this is no joke…check out the title of this split 7″ by Thai goregrind band Cystgurgle: ‘A Clinical Debate on the Implementation of Traumatic Hemicorporectomy Procedure and Discussion of Ethics Regarding Disfiguring Surgeries’. That’s just the title of the split.

Here are some song titles:

  • Salvation Versus Prolonged Suffering: The Ethical Discussion of Attempts to Resuscitate Traumatic Corporal Bisections and Decapitations
  • Radical Implementation of the Hemicorporectomy Surgical Procedure as a Last Resort Effort to Salvage Massive Trauma or Extreme Pathological Conditions of the Lower Body I

Those are legit. So dope!

And this is the write-up for the release – looks like we’re getting a Biology lesson in the process:

“The utilization of the hemicorporectomy is widely discussed and debated for the ethics of its implementation. The procedure includes not only the amputation of the lower extremities, bisection of the lumbar vertebrae and spinal cord, but also the total exenteration of pelvic organs and genitalia. A number of surgical specialists are required for optimal results, and the surgery may be planned as meticulously conducted multi-faceted procedures over several days depending on the procedural indication.”


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