Garage Punk Band The 1234 Dah Release Hilarious Live Video [Korea]

Korean garage punk band The 1234 Dah knows what’s up…not only is their music awesome, but they have NEVER failed in their visual presentation of their music. All their music videos have been a pleasure to watch.

This new one is case in point…not just from the green screen effects in the back, their clothing, the hair, but ESPECIALLY because of the random white guy in the back who looks bored as fuck nursing a can of beer. Hahahahahaha…and that’s just the first song in the full set!

We’re not entirely sure what this is part of but it seems like this video is part of a new LIVE series put together by Dirtyworld, and this is the first in that series of live videos. They’ve already NAILED the first one! Can’t wait to see which band is next!!!

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