It’s Here Folks. And It’s Glorious. Metal Punk Act Doldrey Unleash New Full Length [Singapore]

Your favorite HM-2 maniacs, Singapore’s Doldrey, have finally dropped their highly anticipated second full-length’ Celestial Deconstruction’. We’ve been blasting it all day and it only further exceeds all expectations with every repeated listen. (Is it us or is the audio on Apple Music SO MUCH better than what you hear on Spotify? Some weird shit…)

“Doldrey has once again emerged from the dungeons after 3 years of intensive grinding to bring you “Celestial Deconstruction”.

On the surface, it may seem the record is yet another take on the band’s death metal/crust punk version of extreme music, but to those who are unaware, Doldrey actually consists of members who come from a wide variety of styles found in their hometown of Singapore. The members hail from such acts as Abolition A.D, Stilleto, Zodd, and Hollow Threat. On this particular record, the band has put each individual’s influences through an intensive blending of all those elements and has churned up a diverse sound that incorporates the broad spectrum of underground music found in Singapore. Needless to say, it was made for everyone that chooses to enjoy the blistering symphony created. Pure electric ecstasy and raw energy were intentional to convey to those who dare to let go and exist only in the present moment with the band’s extreme presence.”

The debut full-length record “Celestial Deconstruction” is out on vinyl via Iron Lung Records, CD through Pulverised Records and on tape through Pissed Off Records.

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