Veteran Post Rock Act An Id Signal Release Music Video [Hong Kong]

Originally formed in 2005, Hong Kong post-rock act An Id Signal has always been known to utilize its art, music, and vocal delivery to express some pretty dark and deep emotions. Their live performances almost feel like a trance-like musical experience…

On the band’s latest track, which they released last year, vocalist Lai states the lyrical content was actually inspired by the happenings of these past few years. The song was written on what used to be a very special date in Hong Kong (July 1st) where traditionally hundreds of thousands of passionate Hong Kongers march down the streets protesting about a whole list of things they’re disgusted about. It was by far one of the best and most significant events of the annual Hong Kong calendar that would bring Hong Kongers of all walks of life together for at least one day. On this one day on probably the hottest day in Hong Kong, teachers, students, children, doctors, lawyers, and stay-at-home dads/moms, would all march side by side for HOURS taking full advantage of a right that we have (had), and then at the end of the hours long march, these same protestors would spend another few hours cleaning up trash, signs, etc so that the roads could open back up the next day without issue.

Since 2020, all that has stopped.

On July 1st, 2021 with the silence of the streets that once used to be proudly overcome with socio-political slogans, Lai found himself at his studio trying to pen his thoughts and feelings down about this “new” Hong Kong. He used inspiration from two particular songs (one streaming further below) to express these darker emotions trying to make sense of everything that has transpired. Through this exercise, he has tried to find the fine line between love and anger.

At the end of the day, he hopes for deeper meaningful connections to be formed by those who listen closely to this song.

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