Emo Band CHINESE FOOTBALL Release 2023 Recap Video [China]

Chinese emo band CHINESE FOOTBALL had a stellar 2023 traveling the world.

In the band’s own words, “2023 marked a milestone year for our band as we fulfilled the dream of ‘breaking out of Asia’ for the first time. Starting with a new album, we toured Japan again and stepped onto the European continent for the very first time. This short film captures some of the experiences and insights from our journey on the road this year. The question of ‘why tour overseas’ may not have a definitive answer, but for us, the journey of ‘going global’ has just begun. We will continue to live it, seeking meaning on the road. Even if, in the end, everything proves to be meaningless, the journey will not have been in vain. Lastly, thanks to the countless stars accompanying us and to you on the other side of the screen.”

Check out this cool recap video streaming below.


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