Dark Synthwave Band Prospexx Release Self-Titled EP [Singapore]

Singapore band Prospexx have released a 4 track self-titled EP that has been picked up by French label Symphony of Destruction. The label had the following to say:

“S.O.D is glad to announce a 2nd Synth-phony on Maxi 12” will be out during the 2nd lockdown! PROSPEXX see the “dark” during the first lockdown in Singapore, Vanessa & Hafiz have recorded 4 great dancing tracks of Dark Synthwave during this period who deserved to be on Maxi 12″ (mastered by Daniel Husayn / North London Bomb Factory). The Maxi should be already out, but delays have increased from the pressing plant, instead, you can pre-order now!”

Vocalist Vanessa was kind enough to add, “Hafiz has always been into synth and I think this project has been a long time coming. Both of us are super into 80s music, and the dystopian-esque vibe from the pandemic just happened to give us that huge push to actually do something about it. It really isn’t like anything we do with any of our other bands and projects, plus the lockdowns made it hard for us to get together with any of our other friends anyway. So I guess it was borne out of both a love for the 80s and the absolute necessity to continue creating in a time of bleakness.”

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