Chonburi Powerviolence Maniacs High Voltage Release Epic Fullset Live Video [Thailand]


Check out Chonburi powerviolence/hardcore punk band High Voltage on this AMAZING fullset live video filmed and edited by the one man machine behind Palesights (go follow all his links below!). The band is a BEAST of an act LIVE as you can see in this video (yo – how important is a GOOD drummer to powerviolence/grindcore and hardcore??? THE DRUMMER OF HIGH VOLTAGE RULES!).

This is also the first taste (we’ve gotten) of the band’s latest lineup – good to know the intensity is still all there. What’s insane is to hear all the different influences the band throws into their music. There’s a good dose of punk rock, hardcore, metal, grindcore, powerviolence, sludgy groove elements and all of it fucking RULES. Also…blast beats = life.

On the live front, the band should actually keep the feedback going in between songs and rip through an ENTIRE set without talking in between the tracks – imagine how much MORE extreme the intensity would be if they did that!

Would love to see this band live someday somewhere!!!

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