CHECK OUT: An Honest Mistake – pop punk from Malaysia…DOPE


Goddamn…this is some great pop-punk from Malaysia…the band is called An Honest Mistake – a band that certainly is in the business of pulling on those heart strings…if you haven’t wanted to think about an ex for awhile – don’t check out this band hahahahaha…because all those emo as fuck moments will come flooding back…driving down a highway, sun roof open, wind blowing through your hair, you and your significant other sitting in beautiful comfortable silence each staring out their respective windows thinking about what matters the most at that exact moment…those were some amazing days (speaking as a much older dude now hahahahaha)…

Good vibe with this band…enjoy the music video below but even better yet – below the video I’ve put up their full “acoustic album” stream that comes with a special FREE DVD download if you purchase the album off of their bandcamp! Get on that shit! An Honest Mistake has even allowed us to put up a clip of the free DVD which can be seen further below.

Their vocalist Darren sent in this information regarding the #theacousticalbum:

“The album is called #theacousticalbum. It’s an album with a compilation of songs from our 1st and 2nd release. 10 songs in total but with 2 versions, live and studio. When you purchase that album, you get a digital booklet (a brief history and behind the scenes pics of the making of the album) and the DVD. On the DVD, there’s footage from the studio and the actual live performance. It’s a 1 hour long DVD. #everything on the other hand is a new single that we released on Valentine’s Day this year. I just wanted to get something out this year while we prepare for a new EP.”

Check out the song “Everything” below…and the full #theacousticalbum stream further below…

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