Beijing indie-rock band Sparrow launches song on


Man…what an honor for us to have Sparrow from Beijing allow us to put a song off their new album ????? up here! Actually, one of the guys in Sparrow (Guo Feng) and I go way back…he was a member of the legendary Chinese punk rock band Reflector and then he followed that amazing stint up with another legendary punk rock band called Recycle…

While Recycle currently is still in the trenches…he also has this band Sparrow that crafts beautiful music for our tender ears to relax and sit back to…so when I said “Dude, it might be easier for your music to get more coverage if it wasn’t on a site like Douban or Weibo”. He replied “Give me your email address”. And that ladies and gentlemen – is how punk rock works.

Enjoy this amazing band and get in touch with them…hopefully they’ll allow us to do a full album stream one day! ??? Guo Feng??? 🙂

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