Brand New NYHC Hardcore Act Roll Call Drop Debut EP ‘Perpetuate’ [USA]

When our boy Brian does anything, we drop whatever we’re doing to back him. Not only is he from Hong Kong (proudly) but he has continued to live and breathe the ethics of hardcore – as evidenced when he took it upon himself to save a child from being abducted in NYC (read about it here). Even though he has made a name for himself in the world of Muay Thai, as he stepped away from the music game a number of years ago, we all knew he’d get that itch back to pick up the guitar.

This brings us to today.

Brian is in a brand new band called Roll Call out of NYHC and has just dropped their debut EP ‘Perpetuate’ on Bridge 9 Records. The band is made up of people who’ve done time in Outbreak, Gravemaker, Seahaven, and Final Fight, who’ve toured the world and so to be picked up by an iconic label like Bridge 9 right off the bat makes full sense. And yo, they have a firefighter in the lineup too! You know anyone that runs INTO buildings on fire to save lives instead of running AWAY from them is someone you gotta support.

Brian filled us in, “James (drummer) and I got together in NYC in November of 2021. We wrote the full 6 song EP and then recruited our friends Chad and Cornell for the project. We recorded the EP in Queens this past June and are now putting this thing out on Bridge 9 Records. We are not officially a “straight-edge” band even though 75% of the band is straight-edge and the fourth dude is sober. In terms of album art and lyrical content, the title is ‘Perpetuate’. We want the art and our music to reflect the idea that unless we proactively make changes to our behavior in life, we will default to continuing an ongoing cycle.”

Lyrically the band ticks all the boxes, we’re still huge fans of message-oriented hardcore bands. Musically, the Rival Mob vibe to this is EVERYTHING. Go check out your new favorite hardcore punk band. And if you’re into grabbing a physical copy of this release, Bridge 9 has put up pre-orders for the cassette release HERE.

“Break away the shackles that bind. We get to choose our paths and I’ve chosen mine. Life, we choose life.”

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