Taiwan Born, Hong Kong Raised – Brian Kemsley – Full Video Interview Up About Saving Lives

Back in 2016, we hit up one of our own (Taiwan-born, Hong Kong-raised guitarist of US hardcore bands Outbreak/Gravemaker) Brian Kemsley to get the lowdown on his life and his journey into martial arts for which he has won NUMEROUS awards. You can read the full interview here and enjoy every moment of what he has to say.

Today however we’re here to help promote an AWESOME in-depth VIDEO interview Brian did with Drew Stone on the New York Hardcore Chronicles. We aren’t sharing this just because of Brian’s ties and roots with us out here in Asia, we’re sharing it because what he has to say in the interview is so fucking powerful, while we were listening we couldn’t help but fill up with immense pride.

If you aren’t aware, because for some reason you’re not following all our socials (!!!), Brian most recently jumped to save a child from being abducted in New York City. Read ALL about it at these links: HERE, HERE, HERE. He then proceeded to hold the mentally deranged man for about 15 minutes in a Jiu-Jitsu maneuver until help arrived. But it’s not just this act of heroism that we’re here to celebrate, it’s what he has to say about compassion and the need for proper training in the area of DE-escalation. What he was able to do was help DE-ESCALATE the situation so no one got hurt and no one got shot. He says that it’s not about pummeling someone, it’s about bringing tensions down so that people can walk away and get the support they need.

You can watch the video of the ordeal filmed by a bystander here:

Dude…it is so worth EVERY moment of your time to listen.

It starts at around the 20-minute mark.

We’re so proud of you brother! 愛死你啊!

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