Blackened Death Metal Act Perish of Empyrean Return With New Single [Hong Kong]

Hong Kong blackened death metal band Perish of Empyrean have returned with a brand new single entitled ‘Inborn Decadence’. The track comes a week before the band opens up for the legendary Mayhem here in Hong Kong on February 4th. (Ticket info can be found HERE).

According to vocalist, Nyx, “Our new single addressed our thoughts about one of the seven deadly sins- sloth. People nowadays still rely on the idea of “God”, but the truth is you won’t succeed if you don’t make a move. “Prayer” won’t really help you because at the end of the day, “hope” is just “hope”.

In reality, humans are arrogant and full of themselves. Taking advantage of others even if the action is harmful or even worse, fatal. This is such a common sight because it’s actually easier to despoil instead of paying. And it all boils down to one thing, sloth.

Sloth is a plague. And it will spread around your life. All you want is to take something without paying. And this is humanity. We were born corrupt. Even toddlers know how to please their parents or tell lies to get an advantage.”

In regards to the production and an update on the band altogether:

“This time we are glad to work with Max (Morton Studio, Ukraine) who mixed and mastered the song. Max is detail-oriented and insightful. With his professional opinions, the result is what we were looking for. We will keep doing things we love to do this year. We are so grateful that Shaun Apellido has joined us since our first show as a drummer back in October 2022. With Shaun, we can finally focus more on recording and playing shows as we spent so long searching for the right drummer. Hopefully this year we can record all of the songs for an album. Stay tuned!”


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