Hardcore Punk Band Unseen Release Debut EP – Give Us Track By Track Breakdown [Malaysia]

Huge thanks to Malaysian hardcore punk band Unseen for sending us a track-by-track breakdown of their debut EP ‘Unworthy Desire’.

Force and Truth
The whole idea of this song came from our drummer, Nash, who created the rhythm of this song, and we kind of figured everything else out together. We wanted to do something different, so here it is. This slow and steady song is about being able to live in the hard truth without being manipulated.

We previously recorded “Listen” in our 2022 promo. This one is just a remaster with a more raw sound compared to the previous one.

Get Out
This song is our baby. The breakdown is crazy, especially with our favorite ending. This song is about rejecting arrogant and ignorant people.

Unworthy Desire
This gem! This is for all the stray animals out there with uncertainty and fear. This song is about putting ourselves in their place, and it makes us think of them, but they don’t have the same worthy desire as us. It’s kind of sad to be writing these lyrics honestly. This one is the highlight of the EP. We made the breakdown more groovy and fun to listen to.

We basically played a few shows with this outro, but we never had any vocals on it before. We decided to add some lyrics to make it more energetic and meaningful. The lyrics are to voice out and speak the truth.

All the songs in this EP came solely from us from the start. Each of us has played a significant role in the band, so we are constantly working together and advising each other on the music that we have created. We are always focused on doing better.

This EP is our sweat and tears, and we managed to make it! This is for all of you who have been there since the beginning. You know who you are. Also, shout out to all of you who are there at all of our shows.



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