Best piece of news today…hardcore festival in Vietnam June 27



This is just great…we are definitely all about supporting any fresh new beginnings for punk, hardcore and metal related activities/events or bands throughout Asia. THIS is super exciting to us…

June 27 there is an all day hardcore festival going on in Vietnam. Check out all the information on the flyer but also keep up to date on the Hardcore Vietnam Facebook page:

Here’s the press release that went with the announcement:

Heyo folks,

We are here to announce an ultimate battle between rising Saigon’s summer heat and the return of our biggest heavy music underground festival of 2015. Please give it up to HARDCORE UNITED 2 : BURNING YOUTH.

Proud to be one of the most hardcore festival series, This second epic chapter of Hardcore United will proudly present you with more than 8 hours of hardcore vibes full of powerful music and emotion. Set out with the goal to conquer your ears, Hardcore United 2 will be the gathering point of more than 12 rock / heavy music bands from all over Vietnam, including the support from our most talented Hip Hop / Dj neighbours.

Get ready as music is not the only thing you will feel in Hardcore United,local graffiti and street artists have decided that it’s their time to prove that their talents are not just mere hobbies. With the dusty alley of 3A Station as their canvas you will have your chance of a life time to experience passion in motion.

Don’t hold back.Seek out Hardcore United 2 Burning Youth and get crazy with us.
We’re expecting you.

See you in da pit!

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