Hardcore punk band Step Ahead from Indonesia release new album


Fuck dude…if the rest of the album sounds as good as this one song up on their bandcamp, I can’t WAIT to hear the rest!  If you’re a fan of Gorilla Biscuits style hardcore – you know, the type of hardcore where the emphasis is on positivity instead of being tough as nails (ain’t nothing wrong with either by the way), then bust out Step Ahead‘s latest jam entitled Motivation off of their newest album Die as a Messenger.

With lyrics like:

Do it now (TODAY) 
Don’t ask about yesterday 
Make things happen,
Build faith,

You know it’s all smiles and friendship with this band…

Enjoy…someone tell the guys in Step Ahead that they have to fix the settings of their Facebook so it’s viewable by people all over the world.

Their instagram works though: https://instagram.com/stepaheadhc/

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