Beatdown Band KEEP IT REAL Keep It Real On New Promo [Indonesia]

“The general theme of our new record is the issue of oppression and how it triggers wars. We’re thinking of what’s going on right now in the Middle East.”


Indonesian beatdown band KEEP IT REAL have just dropped a promo for their upcoming full length. Drawing mad inspiration from 90s beatdown heroes like Fury, Irate and even European metalcore, the band states that this style is what best matches and what they’re trying to convey. “The hard rhythms, the hard lyrics, the music just sounds hard and the lyrics can be straight forward. This matches what the themes are on our upcoming album. Wars occur because the ego wants to show its power as a ruler without thinking about the consequences. There was a diversion to the issue that terrorists resided in the minority camp.
The genocide and supremacy that occurred are inversely proportional to the news circulating about the word “terrorist”.”


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