Who Are Some of The Bands Opening Upcoming Magnitude/Envision Japan Dates? They Rule.

Goddamn…as soon as we saw the list of opening bands from the upcoming Magnitude/Envision Japan tourdates we were floored. Both bands are basically going to be in the company of the best of the best of current Japanese hardcore AND be able to witness just how BROAD “hardcore” is in Japan.

We compiled some of them below.


Mad respect to Brightside Booking for killing it as usual and putting tons of thought into how to put shows together.

Bands from grindcore/noise maniacs Shapeshifter:

To youth crew masters Brave Out and True Fight:

To more on the emotional side Nervous Light of Sunday:

To of course the world renown sounds of doom/death metal-hardcore act Kruelty:

To the groove of NYHC inspired Numbernine:

To the crossover sounds of Murakumo 

And of course Japanese hardcore legends Loyal to the Grave and NUMB.

And so many other great bands…

Make sure you hit up these dates if you can!

Artwork: https://www.instagram.com/kayananba/

Don’t forget the bands are also hitting up SE Asia care of Blacklisted Productions:

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