Introducing New Vietnamese Hardcore Crew – 84 Bad Blood – Debut Show Announced

So badass to see (and be a part of) something new hardcore-related being launched anywhere in Asia where hardcore isn’t well known. Vietnam, we know has had an explosion of non-mainstream music as of late with tons of great bands that the world should be taking note of, but for some reason really hasn’t. But today we get to help introduce a new crew of younger dudes who’ve come together under the moniker 84 Bad Blood to do something specifically for hardcore in Vietnam.

Meet the crew below headed by Quan, vocalist of beatdown band ElbowDrop, and if you can make it out to their debut show under this moniker being held TOMORROW night – go hit it up!

Quan dropped some knowledge first, “We are a bunch of late 90s/early 00s kids from Saigon, Vietnam who really love the music and lifestyle of hardcore. We’re super into moshing but hardcore shows here in Saigon are super infrequent. What we typically get are a bunch of mixed bills featuring bands of all sorts of genres. This is just something that we’re not into so we decided to do something about it.”

Hence the killer show that’ll take place tomorrow night entitled ‘Going Ham’. “We’ve always wanted to spread the DIY mentality and we fully believe in the idea that if you don’t like something, instead of crying about it online, go do something about it to change it. If you don’t know how to even start, go ask and learn.” As soon as Quan said this, it of course made us think of the GB classic ‘Start Today’.

“Next time I’ll tryFor the first time in my lifeIt won’t pass me byProcrastinate it can wait, I put it offLet’s start today, let’s start today”

For this first show, we noticed the flyer includes bands from Singapore as well so of course we had to ask for further details about the lineup.

“Well, we had to invite ElbowDrop because that’s my band! Hahahaha…If I’m putting on a show then my band is playing!”

Knife Sticking Head is THE OG hardcore band from Vietnam so we had to have them on the bill for sure.”

Diarsia is a slam band that we just think is great for moshing.”

“And then we have two bands from Singapore – Angulimala and Kill On Sight. We invited both these bands because John (Angulimala’s vocalist and Kill On Sight’s drummer) is a good friend of ours and we love his music. We think both these bands deserve to be seen by Vietnamese out here!”

And as for the crew’s overall goal? “We want to encourage young people to love music, pick up an instrument and play it, and start a band. We are in dire need of more hardcore bands in Vietnam. If they are dedicated and really invest their time, our shows will be their testing field!”

RESPECT to the 84 Bad Blood crew and also the Hardcore Vietnam and Godforbid Crew for all they’re doing to push heavier music in Vietnam.

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