Awesome Malaysian Artist Fahmi Reza Strikes Again – Angering BTS Fans With This Image

Infamous, and punk rock AF, Malaysian political artist Fahmi Reza has struck gold again satirizing the current anti-black metal kick Southeast Asian countries like Singapore and Malaysia have been on with canceling shows featuring said acts. He released the above SUPER HILARIOUS advertisement for BTS all donning black metal gear and with the following text:

“Good news for all Malaysian #ARMYs! Syed Saddiq and Ministry of Youth & Sports will bring BTS in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2020 next year! Hopefully the Church Council and PAS will not go for the police report!”

Apparently this has set off the Malaysian BTS fans who’ve been complaining to Twitter about this image and his post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This is SOOOOOOO funny.

Fahmi – we love you. You are a true gift to the world. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

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