Nepal Thrash Fest – Thrashmandhu – Suddenly Stopped By Police

Nepalese thrash fest Thrashmandu had 25 cops show up yesterday and stopped the show. As you can see from the image above, the organizers Extreme Underground Metal Society of Nepal had gotten approved from the authorities for the show to go ahead.

The following is a recount of someone who attended the event:

“We had everything, Approval Permit from head police office, we had a band from USA, many bands from India including Nepal. around 25 police officers came from nowhere to stop our show just because of dress ups and music that we’ve been playing . we already had a legal document where it’s written that we are allowed to have a show,… police, they had no legal right to stop us from having a show. Nepal police really made a bad impression on foreign bands and community , they made a bad scene, this is how none of people trust us, their duty is to go and find a criminal who are raping womens in Nepal and this is not a fucking way to stop a western musical scene development in a country that is been growing day by bad. This is not just for a music, aint a joke, this is for all the faults that they’ve been doin in a country.”

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