Australian punk/hardcore bands in Southeast Asia tour documentary trailer

Yeah…this is going to be REALLY cool to watch once it’s out! The premise of this video is to document the journey and experiences of Australian punk/hardcore bands as they venture (ventured) into Asian waters of Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (easily some of the biggest punk/hardcore scenes in all of Asia). On a side note: I have seen some websites use the words “exotic” when talking about this video and how the bands traveled to “exotic” locations in Asia. This is motherfuckin’ 2015 bitch – we still look “exotic” to you? Can cities, villages and countries out here seriously still be considered “exotic”? Weird.

Anyway, it is certainly SUPER cool of the mastermind behind this project Rohan Thomas to come up with this idea and really expose to the world the beauty and passion of touring Asia and it’s little scenes here…next time make sure to hit up China and the Philippines dawg!

Check out the trailer below and find out more about this documentary here:

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