Makes me proud knowing that zines are still a thing somewhere!


My newsfeed recently has been full of information about newly released zines from the Philippines. I know it sounds cliche, but I truly DO want to know if today’s youth know what a zine is, and more importantly, whether they find any use for this medium.

Back in the day, as many of us older punk/hardcore dudes can atest, that was one of the ONLY ways to find out about bands, releases and different scenes from around the world. Those were our underground bibles man…I read them from cover to cover, every column written, every review, and I even poured over every single advertisement trying to find records that would say things like “Sounds like XXX, xxx, xxx” and then I would write those names down and see where I could order them. Unfortunately, while living in Hong Kong and most of those zines being from the US or Europe, it was always hard to actually order those albums.

That’s how I found out about stuff and it was NOT overwhelming because there weren’t that many bands being thrown in my face. Not like today. Holy shit…how can anyone NOT feel overwhelmed with how many bands are constantly thrown in your face ANY time you get online nowadays?

Totally new world man…

Anyway…I saw this super rad advertisement put up by MYO Distro in the Philippines as they proudly promoted the new issue of a zine called Tripalium Zine:

MYO Distro – add them up!!!: /



It just made me think about how proud I am that somewhere in the world, people are still using this beautiful form of media to keep that old tradition of punk rock, hardcore and the world of DIY alive.

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