Asian Promoter Street Noise Releases Responds to Agents/Bands

ALL industries in the world are getting battered right now…but especially the entertainment, F&B and hospitality industries.

Of course, everyone understands that some of these industries work 3 to 6 months ahead and it only makes sense that some of them are already thinking many months down the road and are already working out tours now.

But for some of us, including agents, it’s just not the right time to be thinking about any of this.

Our friends Singapore’s Street Noise just released a poignant and excellently worded statement regarding the difficulty of common sense logistics issues under the current climate. To even entertain the idea of booking tours is insane with so many uncertainties up in the air.

“Some emails and messages from agents, bands, fans, etc asking when will the shows be back, and to start booking the tours …..

In all honestly, even if we do see the virus infections scaling down, even if we see effective vaccines, these things have to happen first:

  • Flights are back in operations. Tours only possible if there are connecting flights. We can’t book anything without flights
  • Not just flights, but rails and bus operations must be up.
  • Lockdowns/curfews lifted
  • Social distancing measures will probably still be intact to ensure no further infection spread. shows cannot happen with these measures
  • Customs, visa limitations have to be lifted
  • Venue limitations
  • Bad economy ahead would mean lots of job losses. Every show has a certain cost so can people still pay for the tickets realistically?
  • There will be other priorities to spend their money on in these difficult times. Especially so in the next few months to come
  • Many people and fans are still afraid to come out in masses, understandably so.
  • Restrictive orders in different cities
  • What are the safety measures/standards going forward for events like ours to ensure safety for all?

Very sure there are many more concerns that we have missed out.

2020 shows…they are gone. Bookings for 1st half 2021??? …

Yes, to-date there are still requests coming into us for bookings and tours. Getting on the tours means bringing home food for their families too we totally understand. There isn’t anything wrong, just that it is impossible to do much from our end in these difficult times.

We wanna have a positive mindset of course but the reality is such that it is simply impossible now to make further decisions from here on tours or band bookings. We apologize to the bands and tours for loss of income but it is just very hard for everyone at this point. Promotion work has practically come down to a full halt and it has financially affected every one of us.

Stay home, stay healthy and when the time comes one sunny day we can all be ready to get into the pit. What matters is NOW, and what we do NOW to stop the spread. Behave responsibly NOW, and this is the only safe bet that we will all get back on our feet someday. We will be back.”

Good luck to everyone all over the world. The world will get through this – hang in there. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!