80s Punk Rock Band Human Gas To Release Discography [Japan]

Break the Records has a new release in the works:

“This discography compiles the separate studio records of mid-80’s hardcore legends HUMAN GAS from Hokkaido.

Once in a while, a limited HUMAN GAS cassette could be found on the market and some of their material was uploaded to streaming sites, but their 7″ split with STALI NISM reached mythical rarity status. The imbalance of wishlisting buyers skyrocketed this split’s prices to the point where people began to doubt its existence entirely. With that in mind 2020 F.O.A.D. RECORDS announced its reissue in 2020, much to peoples’ shock and surprise. This time, the studio recordings of the 2020 BOX SET will be released in CD format.

The simple yet roaring hardcore sound of HUMAN GAS’s early work receives most of the attention, but this band developed beyond what most bands are capable of in just three years. Their later work presents an evolution into rocking grooves and even metallic riffs. All of their trajectories can be enjoyed in this release.”


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