Taiwanese Folk Metal Band Bloody Tyrant Announce European Tour – SICK!

Sooooo stoked that Asian bands are slowly announcing tours! Our dudes in Defying Decay out of Thailand had announced a November US tour opening for Atreyu (find the dates and deets HERE), and today we get to help pump the news that Taiwanese folk metal greats Bloody Tyrant are touring Europe! Even though it’s not until 2022 – we’re still STOKED for them and ANY Asian band that is announcing tours in the next couple of years. The only thing that hasn’t been mentioned is actually in the lineup. Earlier this 4 out of the 5 members quit the band releasing statements on Bloody Tyrant’s own social media:

“Hey folks, Jon here, and I’m here to announce that I will be leaving Bloody Tyrant.

Initially, I joined the band just as the live guitarist, and somehow I became a permanent member. During my time in the band, we went and played in places like Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and even had a dreamy European tour. Definitely the milestone in my so-called career.

Even with tonnes of fond memories, the party still has to end someday, and it is now time I take my leave, thanks to all the support, love, and care. Even though I’ll be out of the band, but we’ll remain as buddies, so please support the new Bloody Tyrant from 2021 onwards! Thanks!”

A few weeks later the rest of the band quit leaving only the founder, bassist Willy:

“Bloody Tyrant has been around for 12 years, ever since the original vocalist Ian left 6 years ago, the band lineup has been the bassist Willy, lead guitarist Andy, vocalist Kenneth, drummer Chris and rhythm guitarist Jon who just left the band not long ago. We have toured numerous places including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and several countries in Europe, and we were proud to say “we are Bloody Tyrant from Taiwan”.

But unfortunately, the band will no longer be with this lineup after today’s show.

Kenneth, Andy and Chris have decided to leave the band as well.

“Thanks for the support for all along, leaving Bloody Tyrant is not an easy decision to make, but maybe this decision is the best for all of us at the moment. Hard to say the times at Bloody Tyrant have been the happiest, but definitely would be our cherishable memory.”

Soooooooo…who’s actually in the band now? No idea yet…


If you’re in an Asian band touring soon – LET US KNOW!!!

Go check the dates in the flyer above and go watch their mini-doc from the last time they toured Europe in 2020 further below.


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