Malaysian duo smashing stereotypes in new single/music video

Hani & Zue

This video is cool on SO MANY levels…most importantly to show people all over the world who keep thinking that “women in hijiabs” are donning attire that are a “symbol of oppression”. It’s hard for most people in the west to associate “hijabs” with rock, metal, punk rock, hip hop, or ANY free thought at all because of the old tired notion that Islam, and Muslims, adhere to incredibly strict rules about life, food, culture, clothing, etc. If these people ever traveled through the streets of Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and hung out people who have beautifully found a way for religion and their own personal passions in arts and culture to coexist, they would have a whole new view of Islam.

Hani & Zue in this track and music video smash those ignorant and outdated stereotypes into a billion pieces.

You two inspirational women have a fan over here on this website!

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