If You’re Keeping Track – Out Here in Asia 3 Bands Have Released Politically Charged Videos

Out here in Asia, we have three acts that in the past few weeks have released politically charged videos that provide a scathing commentary of the current state of political/social paralysis found in their respective countries/cities. Often, bands out here in Asia who challenge social/political institutions do so at grave personal risk. It could bring trouble not only to themselves but family as well, and can also impact further development of the band by being placed on a “blacklist” by the powers that be. (Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee had to endure a similar fate being banned from performing at major music festivals in China.) But for the bands who do release music/videos anyway, it’s a form of integrity. They will live and die releasing art that is full of integrity.

Enjoy and go support the following acts for bringing national issues to the world’s stage.

First up Indian metal act Heathen Beast have never shied away from controversy. They recently released this massive FUCK YOU to religion. This video is a MUST watch.


Next up, Philippines based metallic hardcore band Barred have released a video detailing their disappointment in their government’s response to a recent typhoon related catastrophe.


Lastly, Hong Kong based metallic hardcore band Dagger also released a scathing commentary about the leaders of Hong Kong. There has been great turmoil in the city as they continue to grapple with encroaching antics of the powers that be from up north. Are we being vague? Yes we are. Read between the lines to understand why. There must be a reason the band has chosen to make the video “unlisted” on youtube. The track comes from the band’s recently released split 7″ with Singapore sludge metal act HRVST which can be picked up both digitally and on vinyl here:

Vinyl: https://dangerousgoods.bigcartel.com/product/dagger-hrvst-split-7in-vinyl

Digital: https://daggerhongkong.bandcamp.com/album/dagger-hrvst-split



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