Yo – You Gotta Check Out This Dope New Track ‘Flash Your Bones’ by Takatak [Pakistan]

Let’s just start off by saying we’re not necessarily massive fans of progressive metal/metalcore. GREAT music, GREAT musicianship, insane production – but it’s hard to find bands that really stand out from the billions of progressive metal/metalcore bands that currently inhabit the planet – and thus it’s hard to get excited when yet another track comes across our socials.

Pakistani progressive metal band Takaktak have just released a music video for an insanely catchy new track ‘Flash Your Bones’ off their album ‘Acrophase’ that has immediately catapulted them out of that heap of bands! Musically, the track is much more groove-oriented and certainly sounds like a very intentional decision was made that this time around, the vocals were going to take center stage. The vocal melodies on this thing are MASSIVE.


Go check out the track below…so good.

According to the band, “We are so thrilled and relieved to finally present to you, in its entirety; Acrophase. It is chock-full of blood, sweat, and bank loans. It’s been a labor of love that has ruled the majority of all our lives for the past 3 years. So many unbelievably amazing things have happened between then and now.

All of us, at different points, have wanted to leak this for the better part of the past year. We hope you enjoy hearing it as much as we have loved making it.

We give you the final piece of the puzzle, Flash Your Bones.”

Full album is streaming below.


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