Wreckonize/Keep It Real Get a Euro Cassette Release [Singapore/Indonesia]

Singapore hardcore act Wreckonize recently released a split record with Indonesia’s Keep It Real on Greedy Dust Records and Divided We Fall. Today they have announced a European release on cassette format. The release is out on World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records. Head honcho of the label, Apostolis, was kind enough to send in some info about the release:

“My name is Apostolis, I come from Greece and I sing in My Turn & Final Daze. Moreover, I’m doing World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records, Soulcraft fanzine, Tales from the Hard Side podcast and sometimes I book shows.

I keep following the hardcore movement since the early 00s and I always urge to explore underground scenes from all over the world. There are tons of awesome bands based in South East Asia but most of the time are overlooked since they do
not come from the States or even the UK or Australia. It’s true that USHC grabs all the attention nowadays, even though it makes sense since hardcore was born there, but I strongly believe that this must change! Stop overhyping the US bands and start digging deep to find out all those hidden hardcore gems buried in the underground of our counter-culture in every single soil.

Anyway, I had the honor to share the stage with Overthrown from Singapore at a European festival years ago and I have also released Open X Wide’s ‘Japan youth crew discography’ in CDR back in 2008 or so. I was listening to bands like Sand, Istukas Over Disneyland, BIND, Sauna, Second Combat, Bystorm, and Feud, among others and I’m – obviously – a big fan of G.I.S.M., Gauze & Death Side.

The last year I discovered Slant, Losing End, Fuse, and Sial, re-discovered BIND, and recently Brave Out, too. There’s so much cool stuff over there! When I found out about Greedy Dust Records and Divided We Fall I was totally amazed. Lots of great releases and incredible artwork! So, when I listened to the Keep It Real / Wreckonize split a month ago, I was blown away. I love that 90s-heavy NYHC sound and bands like Bulldoze (R.I.P. Kevone), One Second Thought and Everybody Gets Hurt, and that split reminds me of this style!

So, it occurred my mind to release it on tape but since I just have moved to Amsterdam and put my distro on hold (since I couldn’t carry all the stuff with me), I was trying to figure out the logistics of the release and how I was able to distribute it the best way. After arranging everything (at least in my mind!) I got in touch with Delphi from Greedy Dust Records and a day or two after my initial request I got the pass! The day after (which is actually today!) I sent the tape to the pressing plant and I am now expecting the tapes to arrive on 30 th September 2022 the latest.

The split is up on my bandcamp page and there is also a pre-order link for anyone interested to get a tape. I know that postage sucks so try to combine orders, find a friend or two and order together. You can also DM on IG if you need any help with orders.”

Order it HERE.

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