Wow…Don’t Even Know What To Say About How Great This Band Sounds – Lust [Malaysia]

This band will always have our hearts.

Malaysian indie-punk band Lust have dropped a new single and an accompanying music video…like with everything they release, we’re always mesmerized at how good a band can be. This band is beyond all expectations…one of those bands you wish you had enough funding to make them a household name all over the world.

The track featured below will be featured on their upcoming full length Tekesima to be released this month.

Regarding the video the band had this to say:

“The video is directed by videographer¬†Amir Johari, who had previously visualized Ramayan’s intensely trippy video “Sepintas Sastera Hati”. Set in the hilly jungles of Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, a man (Aliff Adzham) is drawn deeper into the woods, driven by his curiosity.”

Can’t wait to hear the full length…someone in the band better hook us up!

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