In The World Of Instant Information – Zines Still Rule – New Vietnamese Zine Out Now

Our good friends in Vietnamese crossover band Cut Lon (music streaming below because they’re that good that we will put them up on this site over and over), announced that they’re gracing the cover of brand new Vietnamese zine called Our Local Scene released by the people behind Public Perversion. The zine is in Vietnamese and the first issue is out now.

We are much older – we remember the days when zines were the ONLY source of information for punk rock, hardcore, metal from around the world. We remember getting new issues of zines in the mail and eagerly reading EVERY SINGLE page over and over and devouring that information. Unlike nowadays where there is SO MUCH information blasting at you every single day that you get to choose what you want to read, when you want to read it, and if the news is like 5 minutes old, you’re already not going to bother anymore.

Basically – it’s information overload.

With this zine it makes us wonder if soon we’ll all be heading back towards having more print media because with print media the editor will have curated what they consider CRUCIAL information for you to have. That would mean everything that is was selected to be printed/published was important information that a reader should not skim over.

Hail the zine.

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