Woah – Indonesian Hardcore Punk band Raung Back From The Dead With New Track

Where the hell have these guys been!?!?!? We were BIG fans with the band first dropped their debut record Utara in 2015 and then after that…crickets.

Thank god they’re back with this brand new track in a killer lyric video format.

Raung is an Indonesian hardcore band that marries a variety of genres from hardcore to punk rock to thrash to pure badass rock n’ roll and blues. Don’t believe us? Wait until you hear that riff at the end of this track.

The band began in 2013 with members of Tarung Taring, Not Delusion, Empatbelas, and Leg To Decay all wanted to come together to create something different for the scene they’re from. Their debut album Utara dropped in 2015…for some reason that full length is not up on Bandcamp or on their Soundcloud – but a collection of old tracks are:


After a long ass hibernation (5 frickin years! hahaha)…the band is finally back with a new track and continues exactly where they left off.

“After we hibernate for a really long time, we opened our eyes to rebuild the intention again. Here we invite ourselves and who have heard us reminisce while inviting those who have not heard us get acquainted.

Hello listeners, we are “Raung”.”


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